Extra Curricular Activities

Apart from the regular academic activities we are providing so many extra things to enhance and improve the hidden talent of the student and faculty members. The following are the items:

Hobby Clubs such as Vocal Music, Dancing, Robotics, Drums, Tabla, Electronics Guitar, Keypad, Literary Club, Quizzing, Drama, Sports etc. make learning process interesting.

Robotics Club:

In the world of information and technology today the students are being provided with the opportunity to be involved in making and innovative Robots. We are proud to note that some students of this college have proved their talent in Robot making by winning in some national level competitions.

Hobby Clubs:

To inculcate moral and ethical values in the minds of the students in a refreshing way our college organizes different hubby Clubs in regular basis. They are such as Guitar Club, Tabla Club, Casio Club, Harmonium Club, Literary Club, Knowledge Centre Club, Electronic Club and Robotics Club.

Proctorial Classes:

RKIET is not only providing a salubrious educational environment but also providing a homely ambience giving the students parental protection and guidance by the help of its well experienced faculty members. To realize this noble ideal proctorial classes are being conducted at regular interval every week.

Regular Games and Sports make the students receptive to new ideas

Group Events and Sports:

All through the year RKIET atmosphere remains restless organizing group events such as Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Seminars, Quiz, Drawing, etc. Besides, every year sports are being conducted including different athletic events and games such as running, jumping, discuss throw, shot-put throw, kabadi, cricket, football, and volley ball, etc.

Cultural Activities:

To drive out the monotony from the mind of the students and faculty every year college organizes certain cultural activities culminating in Annual Function. Song competitions, Dance competitions including DJ in Annual Function are conducted to restore peace and relax in the mind of all.