Events & Activities

17th Sep, 2014

Biswakarma Puja Celebration

17th Sep, 2014

Interhouse Kho-Kho Match

13th Sep, 2014

Seminar & Programming Contest on “Pointers in C”

10th Sep, 2014

Interhouse Volleyball and Throwball match

09th Sep, 2014

one day workshop on “Recent advances in Material Science”

06th-07th Sep, 2014

RRB Examination

05th Sep, 2014

Teacher’s Day Celebration

29th Aug, 2014

Ganesh Puja Celebration

23rd Aug, 2014

Visit of Prof Atal Chodhury & Prof Amiya Rath

15th Aug, 2014

Independence Day Celebration

11th Aug, 2014

Orientation & Welcome Programme – 2014

06th Aug, 2014

Interactive talk by “Mr. Susant Pradhan”(Staff Specialist – HR & Training, Maaden Aluminium, Saudi Arabia)

15th July, 2014

Pre Placement Training by Dr. Paresh Seth

10th July – 20th July, 2014

Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on ‘Cyber Security’ by IIT Bombay

27th Jun

Teacher’s Training Programme by Ms Reeba Kapoor, Director – What’s In The Name

30th Jun – 05th July, 2014

ISTE Workshop on ‘Computer Networking’ in collaboration with IIT Bombay.

16th Jun – 21st Jun, 2014

ISTE Workshop on ‘Computer Programming’ in collaboration with IIT Bombay.

23rd May, 2014

Awareness Programme ‘National Mission on Food Processing’.

20th May – 30th May, 2014

ISTE Workshop on ‘Fluid Mechanics’ in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur.

27th Apr, 2014

LIC India Examination

27th Mar, 2014

‘Capacity Building of Teaching Faculty’ by Ms Reeba Kapoor, Director – What’s In The Name

13th Mar, 2014

BEC Examination

7th Mar – 8th Mar, 2014

National Seminar on ‘Recent Issues and Challenges in Management & Technology’

22nd Feb, 2014

‘Musical Night’ by BEHERA HOUSE Students

15th Feb, 2014

‘Musical Night’ by VISVESWARAYA HOUSE Students

12th Feb, 2014

TCS Academic Interface Programme

08th Feb, 2014

Annual Function ‘Lelihan 2014’

06th – 07th Feb, 2014

Annual Athletic Meet-2014

04th Feb, 2014

‘SARASWATI PUJA’ Celebration

01st Feb, 2014

Musical Night ‘JHALAK’ by Bose & Sarabhai House Students

29th Jan – 31st Jan, 2014

Motivational Workshop ‘DISHA’ for 1st yr. students

26th Jan, 2014

65th ‘Republic Day’ Celebration

25th Jan, 2014

‘Musical Night’ by ANANDA HOUSE Students

24th Jan, 2014

‘CONVERGENZ’ The alumni Meet of MBA Department

18th Jan, 2014

‘Musical Night’ by Bhaba & Samanta House Students

13th Jan, 2014

Motivational Talk by Prof. Mangesh Das

11th Jan, 2014

Musical Night by ‘Raman House Students’

05th Jan, 2014

STAFF PICNIC to “Singha Nath, Banki”

02nd Jan – 12thJan, 2014

Signal and Systems Workshop by IIT, Kharagpur

1st Jan, 2014

Friendly Cricket match between ‘Principal XI Vs Dean XI’

30th Dec, 2013

ECE Alumni Meet-2013

28th Dec, 2013

EEE Alumni Meet-2013

27th Dec, 2013

CSE Alumni Meet-2013

26th Dec, 2013

Mechanical Alumni Meet-2013

14th Dec – 15thDec, 2013

National Conference on ‘Recent advances in Business Intelligence & Data Mining’

10th Dec – 20thDec, 2013

Entrepreneurship Development Program

09th Dec – 10thDec, 2013

Workshop on ‘Employability Assessment & Counselling’ by ASPIRE INFO LABS, Hyderabad

02nd Dec, 2013

‘Concierge Technologies’ Campus Drive

01st Dec, 2013

National Conference on ‘Recent advances in Communication & Computing Technologies’

26th Nov – 06thDec, 2013

Engineering Mechanics Workshop by IIT, Bombay

18th Nov, 2013

ANDROID Training by “Bizon Cloud Systems”

18th Nov, 2013

ANDROID Training by “Wireless & Teleca”

15th Nov – 16thNov, 2013

Faculty Development Programme on ‘Soft Computing & it’s Application in Engineering’

08th Nov, 2013

Campus Drive by ‘IM Group’

05th November, 2013


25th October – 06th Nov, 2013

Entrepreneurship Development Program by MSME-DI

26th October

SYNTEL Online Test

07th – 08th October, 2013

Faculty Development Programme

29th – 30th September, 2013

Inter College Techno Fest “FESTRONIX-13”

29th – 30th September, 2013

Workshop on “ANDROID & J2EE”

28th September, 2013

Musical Night by KHOSLA HOUSE Students

28th September, 2013

Workshop on ‘Material Science’ by Dr. Binod Kumar, NIFFT, Ranchi

21st September, 2013

BEC Preliminary TEST

17th September, 2013

Biswakrma Puja Celebration

15th September, 2013

Engineers’ Day Celebration

09th September, 2013

‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ Celebration

06th September, 2013

WEBINAR by Learningware

05th September, 2013

Teacher’s Day Celebration

30th August, 2013

Musical Night by KALAM House

24th August, 2013

“Green Building Awareness Workshop” by IIT Bombay

15th August, 2013

67th Independence Day Celebration

13th August, 2013


10th August, 2013

Football league between principal XI and Dean XI

05th August, 2013

Freshers Orientation Programme – 2013

23rd July – 30th July, 2013

“SAVERA” – A motivational workshop by ‘3P Training Organization’ for 7TH Sem Students

18th July – 20th July, 2013


14th July – 15th July, 2013

Visit of Prof. Atal Chowdhury, Jadavpur Universiry, Kolkata

6th July – 7th July, 2013

Staff Development Programme ‘SHISHAK’ by 3P Training Organization

5th July, 2013

Visit of Prof. Dr. R.R. Dash, Director Research, GIET Gunupur

3rd July – 6th July, 2013

‘LearningWare’ Classes for Faculties

4th Jun – 14th Jun, 2013

Analog Electronics Workshop by IIT Kharagpur

20th May, 2013

ECE Alumni Meet-2013

18th May, 2013

LIC India Examination

5th May, 2013

BEC Initiation Programme

4th May, 2013

CSE,IT & MCA Alumni Meet

1st May, 2013


29th Apr – 30th Apr, 2013

Athletic Meet – 2013

27th Apr, 2013

FAREWELL PARTY to EEE 2009-2013 Batch

24th Apr, 2013

FAREWELL PARTY to CSE and IT 2009-2013 Batch

13th Apr, 2013

EEE Alumni Meet – 2013

13th Apr, 2013

Seminar on OPEN SOURCE TECH. by CITIZEN, Bhubaneswar

7th Apr, 2013

Blood Donation Camp

6th Apr, 2013

Seminar on ANDROID by Bizon cloud Bangalore

23rd Mar, 2013

Jubilance Musical Night by Khosla, SaraBhai and Samanta House students

18th Mar, 2013

Visit of ‘OMS Power Training And Research Institute’

16th Mar, 2013

BIZZQUEST QUIZ Competition-2013

16th Mar, 2013

IBCS Examination

16th Mar, 2013

Student Motivational Programme for 1st year

09th Mar, 2013

Musical Night ‘JUBILANCE by ANAND and BOSE house’

08th Mar, 2013

Inauguartion of Mechanical Society

08th Mar, 2013

Seminar on “Woman Empowerment” on occassion of ‘World Women’s Day’

06th Mar – 09th Mar, 2013

Interhouse KHO-KHO match

04th Mar , 2013

Inauguration of ‘Computer Science Society’

02nd Mar, 2013


01st Mar – 02nd Mar, 2013

National Conference on Recent trends on Electronics& Opto electronics Devices.

27th Feb, 2013

WEBCAST Program by Oracle University

08th Feb, 2013

IBM Seed Programme

04th Feb, 2013

Visit of Prof L.M Patnaik, Vice Chancellor, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune.

02nd Feb, 2013

LIC INDIA Examination

31st Jan – 10th Feb, 2013

Faculty Communication Skill Development Programme

26th Jan, 2013


22th Jan, 2013

‘RENDEZVOUS’:: RKIET Family Get Together

16th Dec, 2012

‘STAFF PICNIC’ to Ramachandi, Konark

15th – 16th Dec, 2012

“EIRC Robotics Workshop” by VSSUT, Burla and Thinkware

08th – 09th Dec, 2012

Multi Industry Multi Profile ‘MEGA JOB FAIR-2012’

06th – 07th Dec, 2012

PIAGGIO Campus Drive for Diploma Students

26th Nov, 2012

Inaguration of e-learning classroom (NPTEL & WINJEST) by Prof. Dr. DVR Shankar, Principal, GITA Engineering College

21st Nov, 2012

Inaguration Ceremony of Electrical Society

10th Nov, 2012

Workshop:: Motivational Counselling & Career Planning for 2ND yr Mechanical.

14th- 15th Oct, 2012

Workshop:: Technology Innovation Program on Embedded System & Robotics

13th Oct, 2012

Seminar on Entrepreneurship Development.

9th Oct, 2012

Interaction session by GRIT Technology with CSE&IT 3rd Year.

6th Oct – 7th Oct, 2012

National Conference on VLSI Design and Embedded Systems

5th Oct, 2012

Seminar on WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS by Dr. S.R. Bhadra Chaudhuri, Bengal Engineering&Science University

28th Sep, 2012

Inauguration Function & Technical Poster Presentation of Electronic Society

22nd Sep, 2012

Cambridge BEC Preliminary -2012

19th Sep, 2012

Ganesha Puja Celebration

16th Sep, 2012

Parent’s Meet-2012

16th Sep, 2012

Biswakarma Puja Celebration

15th Sep, 2012

Inter College Debate Competition

15th Sep, 2012

ENGINEER’S DAY Celebration

06th Sep, 2012

Seminar on Current Economics Affairs (chief spoke: Retd. IAS Suresh Ch. Mantri)

26th Aug, 2012

Fresher’s Welcome Ceremony

25th Aug, 2012

IYF world camp-2012 seminar at RKIET

11th August, 2012


5th July – 5th August, 2012

special bridge classes for Lateral entry B.Tech students.

4th July – 6th July, 2012

Staff Development Program on Power System Operation and Control

10th – 11th Mar , 2012

Confidence Building Workshop

23rd Oct , 2011

Campus recruitment by VERSATILE SOLUTIONS

17th – 24th Sep , 2011

BEC Preliminary Examinations

10th Sep , 2011


23rd May , 2011

Workshop on Indian Capital Market by Prof. Ashok Kumar Mishra, SEBI accredited trainer

29th – 30th April , 2011

Campus Drive by TECHNOMAX IT SOLUTION and AAS Technologies

27th April , 2011

Campus Drive by Precision Forging and Stamping

15th April , 2011

Mega Blood Donation Camp inaugurated by Mr. B.K.Sharma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack

8th – 9th April , 2011

Lellihaan: Annual Function

7th April , 2011

Campus Drive by PLG Power

6th April , 2011

Free Health Camp

03th – 31st Mar , 2011

Technical-cum-Non Technical Fest, TSAR 2K11

27th Mar , 2011

Campus Drive by Real Infoware & DynPro India

23rd Mar , 2011

‘BIENVENUE’- Fresher’s Welcome Ceremony

17th Mar , 2011

Balaram Panda Memorial inter college seminar competition on the eve of 99th birth anniversary of our founder late Shri Balaram Panda

25th Feb , 2011

Spiritual Seminar ‘Idol Worship Vs. Ideal Worship’ by Mr. Vraj Bihari Das from ISCKON

23rd Feb , 2011

IEEE Journal subscription inaugurated at RKIET by Prof.(Dr.) J.K.Satapathy,Vice chancellor,BPUT,Rourkela

7th Feb , 2011

Seminar on Emerging Career Opportunities. The chief guest was Mr. R.Pandey, Executive Director, OCL India Limited.

19th Jan , 2011

Infosys campus connect programme

11th Jan – 17th Jan, 2011

Photography Training Programme

13th Dec – 20th Dec, 2010

Computer Literacy Programme for Village Students. Prof.(Dr.) Mayadhar Satapathy,Director(Curriculum Development) was the chief guest of this function.

27th Nov, 2010

Interactive seminar on the ‘Overview of Insurance in India and various Investment Plans’ by Mr. Amit Mohapatra, State Manager, BSA, Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd

1st Nov, 2010

workshop on ‘Thermal Power Plant’ by Mr. Sarat Chandra Mohapatra, Member, State Boiler Board & Mr.Prasant Kumar Routray, former Director(Production),NALCO

27th Sep, 2010

Interactive seminar on ‘Environment Engineering’