The I.T revolution and advancement of technology have brought engineers, technocrats and professionals to the forefront to plunge into the realities in discharging their sacred responsibilities for the society and shaping destiny of our country. The R.K institute of Engineering & Technology is dedicated to the unwavering pursuit of excellence and innovation and making constant and sincere endeavour to produce quality engineers to fulfill this aim. Having established in the year 2010, it has been imparting quality education since its time of emergence and the first batch of engineers with Diploma will be passing out towards the end of 2013. Quite a good number of our students have achieved laurels in their respective subjects and also in robotics. Within a short span of Three years since its inception , the RKIET engineering college was adjudged as the “Most Promising Private Engineering College” and soon after as the “Best Up Coming Private Engineering College” in the state.

To bring out a souvenir on the eve of departure of the first batch of students passing out of RKIET is felt necessary in order to keep linkage between the students and their Alma Mater for times to come and ages to pass. Needless to mention that this souvenir will go a long way in maintaining contacts with the students which will brush up their memory even they turn the pages of the souvenir in their leisure hours. This will take them to their past and remind how they have learned the realignment process, the amity and congenial life.

The souvenir will not only enable the RKIETIANS to recollect their fond memories about how they were processed and groomed here with love and care, but also provide solace and pleasure when they look into its pages. This will provide them a platform and opportunity, besides their academic revolution, to share their sad and happy moments of life among friends irrespective of wherever they are placed. The souvenir will setup a good tradition to inspire the succeeding generations of the RKIET. This would also play a successful role in maintaining the reputation of the RKIET engineering college.

Our prime motto is a constant perseverance for achieving our goal. We are committed to embark on a journey of success and sky is the limit for us.