Board of Governors

Member of the Board and their brief background:-

Nishakar Educational Trust

Chairman / Managing TrusteeMr. Sarat Chandra Mallick, Podana, Niali, Dist. Cuttack

Under the guidance of Trustees, Governing Council, Academic Advisory Body, the day-to- day operations of RKIET is managed by Principal, Vice-Principal with help from HOD’s and Faculty members with individual responsibility. vii) Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance:- Semester wise feedback system, regular faculty development programme & faculty appraisal helps for the assessment of the performance of the faculty members. viii) Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students:- Complaints/Suggestion boxes are available at Library/Hostels. Student’s interaction with Principal and a separate grievance cell meeting on weekly basis to discuss the various day to day issues


  • Regional Officer (Ex-Officio) (Nominee of the Central Govt.) AICTE, Salt Lake, Sector III KOLKATA
  • Industrialist/ Technologist/ Educationalist from (Nominee of the Regional Committee the Region of AICTE)
  • SCTE & VT, GOVT. of Odisha (Nominee of the State Govt.) (Ex-Officio)
  • D. T. E. T., Govt. of Orissa (Nominee of the State Govt.) (Ex-Officio)
  • Industrialist/ Technologist/ Educationalist (Nominee of the State Govt.) from the Region

Member of Academic Advisory Body
Mr. Susanta Kumar Dash – Principal, Member Secretary
Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body: – Twice a year